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"Let our sanctuary be like Abraham's tent open to all directions. Let our community be like Abraham - opening doors to all."
- Rabbi Eliana Jacobowitz

Our Community welcomes individuals with all abilities to our services and events. It is important to us that everyone is able to participate fully as a member of our congregation or as a visitor. Our community welcomes the participation of interfaith couples and families, and people of all backgrounds and sexual orientations. If you or a family member needs accommodation, please contact the office at 617-625-0333 or We are happy to help!

Pronoun Buttons

Buttons reading “she,” “he,” and “they” are located in the front entryway on the literature table. We encourage everyone to wear one as an act of inclusion.  All of our board members have name tags with their pronouns, and High Holiday tickets/name badges also include each individual’s preferred pronouns. Read more at

Gender Inclusive Language in the Torah Service

In an attempt to be more gender inclusive and welcoming, we have made some adjustments to the language used during Torah services. We hope these changes to the Hebrew will allow all members of our community to feel seen, acknowledged, and welcomed.

During our mi sheberach lacholim prayer (the prayer for those who are ill) we will call the names of the persons for whose healing we pray without listing their gender.

We will not use masculine or feminine forms of aliyah numbers based on the gender of the person receiving the aliyah, but instead use the format “la’aliyah hashlishit, revi’it” which is not affected by the gender of the person receiving the Aliyah.

We will use the Hebrew “ta’amod” to call up to the Torah those who use she/her pronouns, “ya’amod” for individuals who use he/his pronouns, and “na’ la’amod” for those who use they/their pronouns. If you prefer to be called up to the Torah in a different way, please be in touch with Rabbi Eliana to let us know.

Temple B’nai Brith is your home, and we want to make sure you feel at home with us.


Temple B'nai Brith is proud to work continually toward accessibility for all. Magnifying glasses are available to aid those with low vision in reading our prayer books. ​Our wheelchair accessible entrance is at the rear of the building and equipped with an intercom system. ​Our elevator provides access to all three levels of the synagogue. Our accessible restroom is located at the front of the building on the ground level.

This initiative is supported in part by a grant from The Ruderman Synagogue Inclusion Project.

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