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Yahrzeit List

Each week, during Shabbat morning services, we read the names of the departed whose yahrzeits are observed that Shabbat and in the coming week. Names are grouped by the week in which they are read.

It is traditional to make a donation in the name of a departed family member. If you wish to donate, please mail a check with 'yahrzeit' and the name of your loved one written in the memo line to 201 Central St Somerville, MA 02145, or donate online, either through the ShulCloud payment processing gateway or through Paypal. Please consider checking the box to offset processing fees.

On Shabbat, May 25, 2024     

5/25       Barbara Abramson, mother of Mark Abramson and Hope Abramson

5/25       Maurice Feldman, father of Lynn Wittman

5/26       Sarah M Garber

5/27       Aaron Barr

5/27       Arlene Silberman, mother of Rick Silberman

5/28       Frances Mary Long

5/29       Dora A Kerner

5/29       Carlena Weinberg, mother of Penina Weinberg

5/30       Melvin Fischman, father of Dennis Fischman

5/30       Flora Lappin

5/30       Dr. Tobias Levinson

5/30       Lillian R. Modiste

5/31       Steven Dwoskin, Father of Jeffrey Dwoskin

5/31       Tillie Glazer, mother of Morton Glazer

On Shabbat, June 1, 2024        

6/2         Benjamin Klein

6/3         Sidney Axner, father of Marya Axner

6/3         Moses Sommer, father of Susan Sommer

6/4         Max Gilman, father of Anne Berman

6/4         Natalie Lourie Kumin, mother of Enid Kumin

6/4         Peter Polack

6/4         Freida Socher

6/5         Esther Perkins

6/6         Sophia Bornstein, mother-in-law of Irwin Seidman

6/6         Edward Gorfine, father of Debra Gorfine

6/6         Jacob Interess, relative of Mary Interess

6/6         Stanley K. Lander

6/6         Benjamin Levy, grandfather Joanna Levy and Margaret Levy

6/6         Samuel Litwin

6/7         David Bromer, husband of Anne Bromer

6/7         Benjamin Leavitt

6/7         Rebecca Miller

On Shabbat, June 8, 2024        

6/8         Abram Gabriel Hample, grandfather of Heidi Hample

6/9         Rose Greece, grandmother of David Mabel and Debra Saltzberg

6/9         Joseph S. Miller

6/10       Sidney Abramson, father of Mark Abramson and Hope Abramson

6/10       Pearl Cohen, aunt of Lawrence Tobin

6/10       Isaac Klein, father of David Klein

6/10       William Marvin Leiter, son of Anne Berman

6/11       Joel Bornstein, father-in-law of Irwin Seidman

6/11       Julius L Kopelman

6/12       Mendel M. Brown

6/12       Ida C. Greenberg, mother of Susan Greenberg

6/13       Rebecca Lebovich

6/13       Lillian Moses, mother of Joanne Moses

6/14       Muriel Newman, grandmother of Debra Small

6/14       Louis Taylor, father of Ralph Taylor

On Shabbat, June 15, 2024      

6/16       Phyllis (Schiffman) Strauss, mother of Bonnie Alpert

6/17       Nathan Blumsack, husband of Minnie Blumsack

6/17       Bertha Flaxman, mother of Rosalyn Shlager

6/18       Max Feldt, father of Candice Feldt

6/18       Elizabeth Herman, mother of Eileen Herman-Haase

6/19       Henry H. Levinson

6/19       Howard Lewenstein, uncle of Larry Miller

6/20       Eva Feingold Breitman, aunt of Jill Carni

6/20       Leon P. Cohen, father of Bruce Cohen

6/20       Alexander Grabiner, father of Ellen Grabiner

6/20       Gussie Kerner

On Shabbat, June 22, 2024      

6/22       Abraham Lebovich

6/23       Charlotte Dantowitz, grandmother of Bill Dantowitz

6/23       Ida Rubinsky

6/24       Morrie Kleiman, uncle of Reva Riffkin and Ruth Angorn

6/24       Samuel Wax, grandfather of Roberta Suied-Bugielski

6/25       Morris Kniznick

6/26       Joy Boardman, mother of Ian Boardman

6/26       Morris A. Goldman, father-in-law of Harriet Goldman

6/26       Lt. Alfred F. Kniznick

6/27       Robert H. Morris, father of Robert Morris

6/27       Buni Tarnopol, aunt of Ian Boardman

6/27       Terry Tyler, husband of Jane Becker, father of Molly Tyler and Ella Tyler

On Shabbat, June 29, 2024      

6/29       Stephen Peters

6/30       Dora F. Cohen

6/30       Jeanne Gorfine, mother of Debra Gorfine and Robin Gorfine

7/1         William Baker

7/1         Joseph Gruber, father of Jane Sherrill

7/1         Netta Kaplan, mother of Todd Kaplan

7/1         Hilda Socher, mother of Norman Socher

7/2         Esther Rome, wife of Nathan Rome

7/2         George Weitzner, grandfather of Sara Lennox

7/3         Frederick Levy, father of Joanna Levy and Margaret Levy

7/3         Reva Slaw, wife of Bill Slaw, aunt of Nomi Davidson & Adina Davidson

7/4         Anne Luchans, mother of Judith Solomont

7/4         Sandra Parker, wife of Gerald Parker

7/4         Annie Rosen

7/5         Simon Edelstein

7/5         Allen R. Grossman, husband of Judith Grossman

7/5         Ava Stoloff, sister-in-law of Rona Fischman

On Shabbat, July 6, 2024          

7/6         Alec Modiste

7/6         Barney Price

7/7         Anna Karsner

7/7         Julius Rosen

7/7         Freda Taylor, mother of Ralph Taylor

7/8         Jacob Epstein, grandfather of Anne Bromer

7/8         David Milner

7/8         Daniel D. Smith, father of Lillian Vogel, grandfather of Sima Kirsztajn

7/8         Elizabeth Triber, mother-in-law of Esther Triber

7/9         Nettie Nissenbaum Farber, mother of Jerry Nissenbaum, Eve Cutter, & Janice Polikoff

7/10       Bruce Gurwitz, brother-in-law of Ellie Gurwitz

7/10       Anne Rosen, mother of Mark Rosen

7/10       Sara Shapiro, mother of Rosanne Shapiro

7/11       Jacob Marcus

7/11       Arnold Nestel, stepfather of Nina Moliver

7/11       Michael Triber, father-in-law of Esther Triber

7/12       Judd Berman

7/12       Alva Lee Brown

On Shabbat, July 13, 2024       

7/13       Sivia Chosky, aunt of Dennis Fischman

7/13       Joel Fischman, brother of Dennis Fischman

7/13       Ethel Mandell

7/13       Louis Rosenthal

7/14       Barnett Goldstein

7/14       Millicent Rosenblatt

7/14       Bella Siegel

7/15       Celia Duchin

7/15       Rabbi Richard Israel, father of Rachel Davenport

7/16       Louis Cohen

7/16       Sam Paperno

7/17       Shirley Braun, aunt of Caroline Chauncey

7/18       Yetta Zwick Chosky, grandmother of Dennis Fischman

7/18       Marisha Jacobowitz, grandmother of Eliana Jacobowitz

7/18       Sarah Gilbert Pallin, mother of Jewel Gilbert

7/18       Bessie M. Rosenfeld, mother of Sandra Dickerman and Gerness (Gerry) Alpert

7/19       Morise Robinson

7/19       Lee Salzberg, cousin of Harriet Schreier

On Shabbat, July 20, 2024       

7/20       Shirley Dropkin, grandmother of Hildegard Freedman

7/20       Judy Thea Snyder

7/21       Hyman Fishman

7/21       Irene Mantel, grandmother of Penny Schwartz

7/23       Saul S Rubin, husband of Syrl Silberman

7/24       Meyer Gordon

7/24       Josephine J Shear

7/25       Richard C. Brown, father of Katia Green

7/25       Sadie Shudler, relative of Elaine Kotell Binder

7/26       Abraham Altman, father of Elisabeth Altman

7/26       Ida Barr

On Shabbat, July 27, 2024       

7/27       Anne Wax, grandmother of Roberta Suied-Bugielski

7/28       Julius Garber, father of Ralph Garber

7/28       Rose E. Goldman, mother-in-law of Harriet Goldman

7/28       Celia Shapiro, maternal aunt of Burton Tankel

7/29       Marilyn Hershfield, mother of Sima Kirsztajn, sister of Lillian Vogel

7/29       Sonald Kraus, father of Rozann Kraus

7/30       Henry Blumsack

7/31       Leonard Shapiro, father of Jerry Shapiro

8/2         Shirley Bender Goss, mother of Jacquelyn Goss

8/2         Max Korn, brother-in-law of Dawn Beckman

8/2         Gertrude Pliner, mother of Anita Pliner

On Shabbat, August 3, 2024    

8/3         Goldie Kaplan

8/5         Benjamin Craft

8/5         Howard Salzberg, cousin of Harriet Schreier

8/6         Samuel Wolfe

8/8         Samuel Peretsman, father of Arlene Shapiro

8/8         Anna Prilutsky, grandmother of Carol Reiman

8/9         Lester G Karp, husband of Leona Karp, father of Andrew Karp

8/9         Arthur Stone, father of Ellen Stone

On Shabbat, August 10, 2024 

8/10       Naomi Small, mother of Debra Small

8/11       Rose Weitzner Miller, aunt of Sara Lennox

8/11       Paul Stein, uncle of Susan Sommer

8/11       Ralph Wolfe, father of Howard Wolfe

8/12       Ida Hoberman, maternal great grandmother of Burton Tankel

8/12       Matthew M. Kerner

8/13       Leon Efron, grandfather of Eliana Jacobowitz

8/14       Irene Fishman, mother of Sarah Fishman

8/15       Lillian Grudko, aunt of Howard Wolfe

On Shabbat, August 17, 2024 

8/17       Dr. Donald Aaron Harris, father of Michelle Abramson

8/18       Nathan J. Levinson

8/18       Phillip B. Long

8/18       Sylvia Slomoff, grandmother of Brian Green

8/19       Ethel Garber, mother of Ralph Garber

8/19       Robert Olgin

8/19       Esther Miller Stevelman

8/20       Harvey Lappin

8/22       Nathan Druker

8/23       Samuel R. Jacobson

On Shabbat, August 24, 2024 

8/25       Alice Field, mother of John Field

8/25       Diane Kurtz

8/25       Mark Reich, brother of Matthew Reich

8/25       Ida Chaia Rosenthal

8/25       Martin Stoloff, father of Rona Fischman

8/26       Ida Goldstein

8/26       Irwin Reich, father of Matthew Reich

8/27       Samuel Blum, father of Jerry Blum and Andy Blum

8/27       Martin Goldenberg

8/27       T Herzl Rome, father of Nathan Rome

8/28       Janell Cherry Boyte, mother of Melissa Andelman

8/29       Nate Blum, uncle of Jerry Blum and Andy Blum

8/29       Sarah Buchinsky

8/30       Jeanette Rubinsky Angorn

8/30       Ida S. Blumsack

8/30       Leah Eisenberg, mother of Lynne Eisenberg

8/30       Jacob Sloane, grandfather of Jonathan Sloane, Barry Sloane & Linda Kay

On Shabbat, August 31, 2024 

9/1         Robert H Davenport, ex-husband of Rachel Davenport

9/1         Saul Zidel, father of Norman Zidel and Roberta Zidel

9/2         Etta Marcus Cohen

9/2         Gertrude Fine

9/2         Solomon Mabel

9/2         Elizabeth Shapiro Tankel, mother of Burton Tankel

9/2         Phyllis R. Zarrow, mother of Marla Zarrow

9/4         Louis Allman

9/4         Casper Baker

9/4         Joseph Nissenbaum

9/4         David Stone, brother of Ellen Stone

9/4         Beverly Ann Tankel-Brotman, cousin of Burton Tankel

9/5         Jon Boudreau, husband of Ellen Stone

9/5         Jennie Goldstein

9/5         Dr. Howard Abraham Ira Newman, father of Ronald Newman

9/5         Bessie Nissenbaum

9/6         Philip A. Bender, uncle of Mark Abramson and Hope Abramson

9/6         Esther G. Brown

9/6         Joseph Goldschneider, cousin of Harriet Schreier

On Shabbat, September 7, 2024        

9/7         Bertha Eskowitz, mother-in-law of Janet Green

9/9         Arnold Levine, husband of Shirley Levine

9/9         Abraham E. Shlager

9/10       Annette Buchman, mother of Ruth Buchman

9/10       Helen Goldberg, grandmother of Hila Snyder

9/10       Carl Reiman, father of Carol Reiman

9/10       Minnie E. Rosen

9/10       Claire Weisberg, mother of Debra Weisberg

9/12       Elaine Eva (Tetelman) Fendell

9/12       Pearl Greenberg Poltorak, mother of Roberta Poltorak

9/12       Joseph Salzberg, cousin of Harriet Schreier

9/12       Anna R. Titelbaum

9/13       Warren Goss, father of Jacquelyn Goss

9/13       Frances Moore

On Shabbat, September 14, 2024     

9/14       William John Blackborow, father of Paul Blackborow

9/14       Pauline Pia Reingold, grandmother of Heidi Hample

9/15       Evelyn Mostow, mother of Carol Mostow

9/15       Max Siegel

9/15       Francois Suied, father of Michael Suied, uncle of Roberta Suied-Bugielski

9/16       Dorothy Greene, mother of Phyllis Greene

9/16       Reba Pearl Kalkman

9/16       Katherine Reiman, mother of Carol Reiman

9/17       Jacob Pearlson, father of Melvin Pearlson

9/18       Martin Greene, father of Phyllis Greene

9/18       Louis Kerner

9/18       Barbara Kline

9/18       Simon Wittes, father of Julie Schlack

9/19       Annie C. Brown

9/19       Rose Mary Sloane, grandmother of Jonathan Sloane, Barry Sloane, and Linda Kay

9/19       Emanuel Weinberger

9/20       Samuel Lapidus

9/20       Milton Winnerman, father of Vivian Juusola

On Shabbat, September 21, 2024     

9/21       Julie B. Goldman, daughter of Florence Berlin

9/22       Loren Blum, brother of Jerry Blum and Andy Blum

9/22       Frank Rosner, uncle of Debra Weisberg

9/22       Ralph Swartz

9/22       Elliot Weinberg, father of Penina Weinberg

9/23       David Edelstein, uncle of Barbara Rosenberger

9/23       J. Norman Freed, father of Deborah Freed

9/25       Pauline Kniznik Shubow, mother of Dorothy Shubow Nelson

9/27       Abram D. Garber

9/27       Edith Small Goldwin, sister of Melvin Small

9/27       Esther Hershkovitz

9/27       H.Glena Hodos, mother of Herbert Hodos and Gail Minsky

9/27       Benjamin Krupnick

9/27       Joseph Portnoy


On Shabbat, September 28, 2024     

9/30       Frank Berkowitz

9/30       Raymond Suied, father of Roberta Suied-Bugielski

9/30       Isaac Varon, father of Jose Varon

10/1       Milton Reingold, grandfather of Heidi Hample

10/1       Maurice Stevelman

10/2       Minnie Edelstein, grandmother of Marjorie Gregerman

10/2       Milton Munitz, father of Charles Munitz

10/2       Irwin Zucker, uncle of Laurie Zucker

10/3       Samuel Nathaniel Goldberg, grandfather of Hila Snyder

10/3       Adam Simon, son of Jamil Simon

10/4       Beatrice Quainoo

10/4       Ida Rosen


On Shabbat, October 5, 2024 

10/5       Dorothy Maharam Stone, mother of Ellen Stone

10/6       Grace Janick, grandmother of Kristen Strezo

10/7       Karen Chevalier, sister of Haakon Chevalier

10/7       Samuel Eisenberg, father of Lynne Eisenberg

10/7       Marian Strauss, wife of Dore Penn

10/8       Faye Fischman, mother of Dennis Fischman

10/9       Ronald Fischman, brother of Dennis Fischman

10/10     Meyer Edelstein, uncle of Barbara Rosenberger

10/11     Frank Greenberg, father of Pamela Greenberg

10/11     Pauline Hirshberg, grandmother of Lois Hirshberg


On Shabbat, October 12, 2024          

10/12     Ella Her

10/12     Jacob Moses Her

10/12     Eliezer Zelig Milner

10/12     Elizabeth Zelig Milner

10/12     Gnessia Reva Portnoy

10/12     Israel Shudler

10/12     Minnie Shudler

10/12     Janet Solberg, mother of Andrew Solberg

10/13     Murray A. Niedergang, father of Mark Niedergang

10/13     John Nicholas Pappas

10/14     Ruth Bernhard, mother of Nancy Bernhard

10/14     Ruthe Bernhard, mother of Nancy Bernhard

10/14     Lenore Bortner, mother of Brad Bortner

10/14     Dora Karp, grandmother of Andrew Karp

10/14     Jerry Kimmel, father of Daniel Kimmel

10/14     Clara Weiner

10/15     Jeanette Winnerman, mother of Vivian Juusola

10/16     Morris Cherwitz

10/16     Jacob Price

10/17     Mildred E. Barr, mother of Betsy Barr

10/17     Samuel Goldenberg


On Shabbat, October 19, 2024          

10/20     David L. Hirshberg, grandfather of Lois Hirshberg

10/20     Ruth Thurman Pappas

10/20     Gertrude Simons

10/22     Rose Miller

10/22     Sydney Sorrel, husband of Margaret Sorrel

10/23     Ed Epstein, brother of Daniel Epstein

10/23     Hyman Karp, great grandfather of Andrew Karp

10/23     Frances Salzberg, cousin of Harriet Schreier

10/23     Louis Stone, father of Emily Stone

10/25     Jennie Blumsack, mother-in-law of Minnie Blumsack

10/25     Samuel Hurwitz

10/25     Hyman Mirow, father of Melvin Mirow

10/25     David Silverman, grandfather of Karin Blum

10/25     Deena Stone, mother of Emily Stone

10/25     Shirley Wallach, mother of Hope Inman


On Shabbat, October 26, 2024          

10/26     Irving Kessler, husband of Greta Kessler

10/26     Jacob Levenson

10/26     Minnie E. Pearlman

10/27     Louis Fuhrman

10/27     Sybil Sermos

10/28     Bruce Bortner, Father of Brad Bortner

10/28     Samson Brown

10/28     William Zidel, grandfather of Roberta Zidel and Norman Zidel

10/29     Morris O. Hershkovitz

10/30     Harry Karp, grandfather of Andrew Karp

10/31     Anita Altman, mother of Elisabeth Altman

10/31     Dr. Benjamin Russman

11/1      Edith Cutter

11/1       Robert Gregerman, father of Lisa Gregerman


On Shabbat, November 2, 2024         

11/2       Louis Mantel, uncle of Penny Schwartz

11/2       Judith Perlstein, step-mother of Joanna Levy and Margaret Levy

11/3       Lillian Fleischmann, mother of Susan Fleischmann

11/3       Selma Herman

11/3       Richard Mabel, husband of Debra Mabel, brother of David Mabel and Debra Saltzberg

11/3       Samuel Mandell, stepfather of Gerald Burgess

11/5       Ida-Lou Cohen, sister of Vivian Juusola

11/5       Isadore H. Cohen, grandfather of Lawrence Tobin

11/5       Sophia Hillson

11/8       Abraham Herman

11/8       Nathan Mandell, grandfather of Gerald Burgess

11/8       Jennie Rosenberg


On Shabbat, November 9, 2024         

11/10     Harry Gottlieb

11/10     Nathan Polono

11/10     Benjamin Simons

11/11     Paul L. Fleischmann, father of Susan Fleischmann

11/12     Michael Berkowitz, husband of Judy Berkowitz, father of Ginny Berkowitz

11/13     Gussie Gorfine, grandmother of Debra Gorfine

11/13     Netta Mandell, mother of Gerald Burgess

11/13     Margaret Schwarz, mother of Rachel Schwarz

11/14     Helen Bengar, wife of Barbara Shapiro

11/14     David Bennett

11/14     Jerome Jack Wallach, father of Hope Inman

11/15     Murray Penn, father of Dore Penn and Donna Penn


On Shabbat, November 16, 2024      

11/16     Ben Newman, grandfather of Debra Small

11/16     Hadassah Paul, mother of Elahna Paul

11/17     Bernard Andelman, father of Charles Andelman

11/17     Kate Gordon

11/18     Annie Dickerman

11/19     Benjamin Newman

11/19     Lily Kappari Varon, mother of Jose Varon

11/19     Leah Zallman, wife of Nadav Tanners, mother of Kai Zallman & Eli Zallman

11/20     John Quainoo

11/21     Edward Okman

11/22     Marcia Okman

11/22     Jennie Polono

11/22     Barbara Harriet Tarlin


On Shabbat, November 23, 2024      

11/23     Mary Mickie Schwartz, aunt of Ruth Angorn

11/25     Bessie Rosenthal

11/26     Rhoda Nissenbaum, mother of Alan Nissenbaum

11/26     Nora M. Rome

11/27     Fanny Salzberg, cousin of Harriet Schreier

11/28     Harry Goorno

11/28     Samuel Price


On Shabbat, November 30, 2024      

11/30     Sherman Hubelbank, father of Marcia Hubelbank

12/1       Jessie Wolfe

12/2       George Kerner

12/3       Bessie Karp

12/3       Rebecca McKrensky

12/3       Roberta Popkin, mother of Valerie Popkin

12/3       Ann Ragovin, mother of Helene Ragovin James

12/3       Blanche Silverman, grandmother of Karin Blum

12/3       Henry Snyder, grandfather of Hila Snyder

12/4       Ruth Litter

12/4       Minnie Mandell, grandmother of Gerald Burgess

12/4       William H. Shapiro, maternal uncle of Burton Tankel

12/5       Robert Joseph Fendell, husband of Elaine Fendell, father of Susan Fendell

12/6       Laurie Chauncey, mother of Caroline Chauncey

12/6       William Hurwitz

12/6       Leo Levy, father of Howard Levy


On Shabbat, December 7, 2024       

12/7       E. Nadine Russman, mother of Richard Russman

12/8       Judge Saul Gordon, father of James Gordon

12/9       Golda Meir

12/9       Samuel B. Rome

12/9       Ruth Schwartz, mother of Judy Schwartz and Beverly Schwartz

12/10     Doris Groshen Daniels, mother of Jessica Daniels

12/10     Sarah Gottlieb Goldberg, great grandmother of Hila Snyder

12/10     Rose Kleiman Grussman

12/10     Melvin Small, father of Debra Small

12/11     Arthur Guenzburger, uncle of Elaine Lowenstein

On Shabbat, December 14, 2024      

12/14     Shirley Rome Levy, grandmother of Joanna Levy & Margaret Levy

12/14     Fannie Mabel

12/14     Rebecca Modiste

12/14     Norman Tavan, grandfather of IlanaRei Goss

12/14     Mischel Zidel, uncle of Roberta Zidel and Norman Zidel

12/15     Herbert H. Zidel, uncle of Roberta Zidel and Norman Zidel

12/16     Bernice Mayrent, mother of Sherry Mayrent

12/17     Diana Weiss, mother of Phil Weiss and Seth Weiss

12/18     Lt. Bernard Kniznick

12/18     Lena Marcus

12/19     Sarah Baker

12/19     Dorothy Bronk, mother of Peter Bronk

12/19     Emma Nestel, mother of Nina Moliver

12/19     George Rose

12/19     Pearl Sherman, wife of Leon Sherman

12/19     Samuel Spector, husband of Lena Spector

12/20     Marjorie Gregerman, mother of Lisa Gregerman

12/20     David B. Nissenbaum, father of Jerry Nissenbaum, Eve Cutter, and Janice Polikoff

12/20     Benjamin Slomoff, grandfather of Brian Green


On Shabbat, December 21, 2024      

12/21     Rubin Goldstein, father of Pamela Goldstein

12/21     Austin Laber, father of Abby Laber

12/21     Jeanette Seltzerman Simon, mother of Lois Sauls

12/21     Susan von Salis, partner of Kimberly Brookes

12/22     David Bromer, husband of Anne Bromer

12/22     Samuel Goldstein

12/22     Julius Yenof

12/23     Sandra Dickerman, wife of Allen Dickerman, sister of Gerness (Gerry) Alpert, mother of Tracey Bilski

12/23     Israel Edelstein

12/24     Libby Goldstein

12/24     Elias Edward Schwartz

12/24     Ann Sara Weiss, mother of Dara Freedman-Weiss, sister of Phil Weiss & Seth Weiss

12/24     Manny Wiener, brother of Dolores Wiener

12/25     Bernard Brenner, father of Darlene Matthews

12/25     Dr. Phillip Brody, husband of Deborah Brody, father of Ed Brody

12/25     Ada Kleiman, aunt of Reva Riffkin and Ruth Angorn

12/25     Isaac Lappin

12/25     Annie Price

12/26     Annie Zidel, grandmother of Roberta Zidel and Norman Zidel

12/27     Paul Bengar, father of Barbara Shapiro


On Shabbat, December 28, 2024      

12/29     Charlie Burnett, father of Linda Burnett

12/29     Henry Chauncey, father of Caroline Chauncey

12/29     Eileen Katz, mother of Jane Katz-Christy

12/29     Elias Miller, grandfather of Larry Miller

12/29     Arline Tankle-Keith, cousin of Burton Tankel

12/30     Hyman Shapiro, maternal grandfather of Burton Tankel

12/30     William Titelbaum

12/31     Dr. Charles Dickerman

1/1         Miriam Efron, grandmother of Eliana Jacobowitz

1/1         Robert B. Kopelman

1/2         Abraham Dickerman

1/2         Isaac Rosen, father of Mark Rosen

1/2         Alexander Shapiro, father of Rosanne Shapiro

1/3         Edgar Belle, husband of Betty Belle, father of Geri Belle

1/3         Ida Biller

1/3         Minnie E. Levy

1/3         Estelle Penn, mother of Dore Penn and Donna Penn

1/3         Percy Schwartz, father of Penny Schwartz


On Shabbat, January 4, 2025  

1/4         Dorothy Grady, mother of Shaun Grady

1/4         Shirley Posner, mother of Amy Salomon

1/4         Simon Tankel, father of Burton Tankel

1/5         Philip E. Band, father of Ellen Band

1/5         Seymour Egan, father of Harwood Egan

1/5         Clara Litwin

1/6         William Eskowitz, father-in-law of Janet Green

1/6         Samuel Murphy, father of Karin Blum

1/6         Joseph J. Nissenbaum, father of Alan Nissenbaum

1/7         Kaylie Blum, aunt of Jerry Blum and Andy Blum

1/8         Sophie Axner, mother of Marya Axner

1/8         Celia Lapidus

1/8         Ruth Pearl, mother of Sydelle Pearl

1/8         David Wigder

1/9         Berta Andelman, mother of Charles Andelman

1/9         Bernard Triber

1/10       Patricia Brody, mother of Rachel Brody and Leah Killoran, partner/dear friend of Carol Reiman

1/10       Helen Davidson, mother of Nomi Davidson and Adina Davidson

1/10       Miriam Raiken-Kolb, wife of Roger Kolb, mother of Gwen Kolb

1/10       Rose Tour


On Shabbat, January 11, 2025

1/11       David Goldfine

1/11       Harry Marcus

1/11       Dr. Jacob S. Rosen, uncle of Rona Fischman

1/11       Maurice Sandler, uncle of Sandra Dickerman

1/11       Pauline Schreier, mother of Harriet Schreier

1/12       Esther Feldstein, mother of Dena Brody

1/12       Freda Leah Kersener

1/13       Larry Strasburger, father of David Strasburger

1/14       Samuel Herman

1/15       Abraham Allen Greenberg, father of Susan Greenberg

1/15       Martin Moliver, father of Nina Moliver

1/16       Sidney Gerstein, father of Howard Gerstein

1/16       William Poltorak, father of Roberta Poltorak

1/16       Steve Wiener, father of Dolores Wiener, grandfather of Sharon Perpignani

1/17       Shepperd Daniels, father of Jessica Daniels

1/17       Tuvia Jacobowitz, grandfather of Eliana Jacobowitz

1/17       Leah Ottenstein, mother of Beth Fischer

1/17       Chava Rome, mother of Nathan Rome

1/17       Louis Rubinsky, father of Reva Riffkin


On Shabbat, January 18, 2025

1/18       Gordon Beckman, father of Dawn Beckman

1/18       Marsha Hiller, aunt of Hila Snyder

1/18       Gertrude Silverstein Epstein Marcus, grandmother of Anne Bromer

1/18       Hyman Wolff

1/20       Eva Blum, grandmother of Jerry Blum and Andy Blum

1/20       Ruth Stein Sommer, mother of Susan Sommer

1/21       Celia Kessler

1/21       Bernard Kline, grandfather of Alan Kline

1/22       Bernice Newman, mother of Michael Newman

1/22       Charles Rosenthal

1/23       George M. Barr, father of Betsy Barr

1/23       Robert Carroll, husband of Lynne Eisenberg, father of Erica Carroll and Daniel Carroll

1/23       Betty Mayman, mother of Linda Burnett

1/23       Rebecca Weinstock

1/24       Ann Mirow, mother of Melvin Mirow

1/24       Lois Murray, aunt of Lisa Gregerman

1/24       Elizabeth Sathan


On Shabbat, January 25, 2025

1/25       Max Glassman

1/25       Irving Levy, father of Benjamin Levy

1/25       Irving Sugarman

1/26       Bernard Schreier, brother of Harriet Schreier

1/26       Shirley Noble Yenof

1/27       Anna Harris

1/28       Dr. Adrian Becker, father of Jane Becker

1/28       Elaine Goldenberg, mother of Judy Goldberg

1/29       Irwin Chosky, uncle of Dennis Fischman

1/29       George Lewis Meltzer, father of Joshua Meltzer

1/30       Jacob Blumsack, grandfather of Elaine Kotell Binder

1/30       Lawrence Carni, father of Jill Carni

1/30       Sarah Zidel, mother of Roberta Zidel and Norman Zidel

1/31       Ida Hillson Schwartz


On Shabbat, February 1, 2025

2/1         Abraham Noble

2/1         Ira Zinkerman, cousin of Jill Carni

2/2         Louis Cohen, father of Naomi Sacks

2/2         Philip Dantowitz, grandfather of Bill Dantowitz

2/2         Isadore W. Shudler, relative of Elaine Kotell Binder

2/3         Bernard Abrams, father of Irene Abrams

2/3         Elka Hillson

2/3         Gregory I. Tour

2/4         Frank Gorfine, grandfather of Debra Gorfine

2/4         Harris Hirshberg, relative of Lois Hirshberg

2/4         Marvin Kaplan, father of Todd Kaplan

2/5         Rebecca Sherman

2/6         Esther Maharam, aunt of Ellen Stone

2/6         Rachel Zelda Milner

2/6         Stephen Piper, husband of Deborah Belle

2/7         Sophia Fay

2/7         Selma Rosen, aunt of Rona Fischman


On Shabbat, February 8, 2025

2/8         Gabor Blum, grandfather of Jerry Blum and Andy Blum

2/8         Max Meyer Ginsberg

2/8         Eli Levine

2/8         Rose Shapiro, mother of Jerry Shapiro

2/9         Simeon Braunstein, friend of Jill Carni

2/9         Marvin Brooks

2/9         Leonard S. Freedman, husband of Marian Moskow, father of Dara Freedman-Weiss and Michael Freedman

2/10       William Chosky, grandfather of Dennis Fischman

2/10       Florence Edelstein Bender, mother of Barbara Rosenberger, grandmother of Lisa Gregerman

2/10       Dora Hillson Gordon

2/11       Robert Angorn, husband of Ruth Angorn

2/11       Rae Dimow Epstein, mother of Daniel Epstein

2/11       Gertrude Gorvine

2/11       Charlotte Tobin, mother of Lawrence Tobin

2/11       Anna Wiener, mother of Dolores Wiener, grandmother of Sharon Perpignani

2/12       Marian Mae Dreifus, sister of Rosalyn Shlager

2/12       Frances Sandler, aunt of Sandra Dickerman

2/12       Nattan Solberg, grandfather of Andrew Solberg

2/12       Clara Weitzner, Grandmother of Sara Lennox

2/13       Walter Strauss, father-in-law of Isidore Penn

2/13       Brig. Gen. Alvin David Ungerleider, father of Ilene Ungerleider

2/14       Bella Dorman

2/14       Hyman Moses Hillson

2/14       Etta Mabel

2/14       Abraham McKrensky

2/14       Kenneth B. Nissenbaum


On Shabbat, February 15, 2025         

2/15       Fannie Baker

2/15       Meyer Hyman Hillson

2/15       Esther Zidel

2/16       Jacob R. Jacobson

2/16       Ernst Stein, grandfather of Susan Sommer

2/17       Tim Paul Hart, husband of Deborah Belle

2/17       Murry George Simon, father of Lois Sauls

2/19       Moshe Davidson, father of Adina Davidson and Nomi Davidson

2/19       Rita Thal, mother of Richard Thal

2/19       Goldie Titelbaum

2/20       Eva L. Kahn, mother of Marla Kahn and Theodore Kahn

2/20       Herman Levy

2/20       Samuel Resnick, grandfather of Mark Niedergang

2/21       Sidney Kumin, father of Enid Kumin


On Shabbat, February 22, 2025         

2/22       Ralph Karlin, uncle of Howard Wolfe

2/22       Dr. Israel Marcus

2/22       Mary Russman

2/23       Martin L. Resnick, father of Sandy Resnick

2/24       Eliana Efron, aunt of Eliana Jacobowitz

2/24       Esther Fishman

2/24       Rose Weinberger

2/25       Abraham Isaac Bloom

2/25       Maurice Mabel

2/26       Lee Leah Rosenthal

2/27       Irving Allerhand, father of Laurie Wolfe Allerhand

2/27       Stephanie Allman, mother of Leah Allman

2/27       Joan Barbara Reich, mother of Matthew Reich

2/27       Rebecca Shapiro, maternal aunt of Burton Tankel

2/28       Ethel Weitzner Lennox, mother of Sara Lennox


On Shabbat, March 1, 2025     

3/1         Elaine Evelyn Gerber

3/1         Esther Goldberg

3/1         Sarah Leavitt

3/1         Miriam Levenson

3/1         Charles Silberman, father of Rick Silberman

3/2         Lena Glassman

3/2         Rose Kushner, mother of Hildegard Freedman

3/2         Rubin Levinsky, father of Lois Levinsky

3/2         Ann Steinberg, friend of Dara Arons

3/3         Max Angorn

3/3         Blossom Blum, aunt of Jerry Blum and Andy Blum

3/4         Maxwell D. Kotell, father of Elaine Kotell Binder, Joann Kotell Brennan & Ida Kotell Colchamiro

3/4         Eitan Samuel Stern-Robbins, son of Jeffrey Robbins

3/5         Barnett Goldstein

3/5         Dr. Morris Gorfine, uncle of Debra Gorfine

3/6         Alexander Schwarz, father of Rachel Schwarz

3/7         Lawrence Rome, father of Michael Rome

3/7         Jonathan Rosen, cousin of Rona Fischman

3/7         Joseph Weisberg, father of Debra Weisberg


On Shabbat, March 8, 2025     

3/8         Joseph Glazer, father of Morton Glazer

3/8         Simon Klempner, relative of Nina Moliver

3/8         Milton Rothenberg, father of Ron Rothenberg

3/8         Veronika Shick, mother of Susan Varga, grandmother of Juliette Rooney-Varga

3/10       Terry Allerhand, mother of Laurie Wolfe Allerhand

3/10       Ruth Kligerman

3/12       Ronna Kaplan, aunt of Naomi Small

3/12       Sidney Shear, father of Jane Moore

3/12       Anne Zall, mother of James Zall

3/13       Joseph Blumsack

3/13       Edward Fruchter, stepfather of Ron Rothenberg

3/13       Ethel B Jacobson

3/13       Allen Lebowitz, father of Wayne Lebowitz and Michael Lebowitz

3/13       Lewis Miller, father of Larry Miller

3/13       Sarah Hillson Nemser

3/13       Herman Price

3/14       Lucille Mabel, mother of David Mabel and Debra Saltzberg

3/14       Sophia Newman, grandmother of Benjamin Levy


On Shabbat, March 15, 2025  

3/15       Lynn Harris, mother of Michelle Abramson

3/15       Joseph Hillson

3/15       Donald Michael Robbins, father of Jeffrey Robbins

3/15       Rolf Thal, father of Richard Thal

3/15       Bruce Thurman

3/15       Nathan Weiss, father of Phillip Weiss and Seth Weiss

3/16       Louis H. Bixby, father of Beatrice Biller

3/16       Lois Cohen

3/16       Solomon Freedman, father of Sara Freedman

3/16       Rabbi Leo Shubow, father of Dorothy Shubow Nelson

3/17       Bessie Hoffman

3/17       Betsy B. Kline, grandmother of Alan Kline

3/17       Dr. Henry S. Robinson

3/17       William Saltzberg

3/17       Ida Yenof

3/18       Florence Miller, grandmother of Larry Miller

3/18       Irving Spike Rabinowitz, father of Susan Rabinowitz

3/18       Mahlka Haar Stein, grandmother of Susan Sommer

3/19       Abram J Blumsack

3/19       Henry Rosen

3/19       Morris Shubow, brother of Dorothy Shubow Nelson

3/19       Rafael Varon, brother of Jose Varon

3/20       Edythe Berkowitz, mother of Marian Berkowitz

3/20       Rose Edelstein, grandmother of Marcia Grossbard

3/20       Shirley Edelstein, mother of Marcia Grossbard

3/20       Benjamin Griner, cousin of Bill Dantowitz

3/20       Albert Lennox, father of Sara Lennox

3/20       Bernard Strauss, father of Bonnie Alpert

3/20       Mary Wigder

3/21       Gail K. Cohen, mother of Bruce Cohen

3/21       Bella Drucker

3/21       Marcia Levy, mother of Benjamin Levy


On Shabbat, March 22, 2025  

3/22       Esther T. Cohen, grandmother of Lawrence Tobin

3/22       Lillian Sacarob Craft

3/22       Solomon Kaminsky

3/22       Nahama Lerner, grandmother of Marya Axner

3/22       Israel Jacob Socher

3/23       Minnie Dickerman

3/23       Ethel Peretsman, mother of Arlene Shapiro

3/24       Lillian Fischman, grandmother of Dennis Fischman

3/24       William R. Izen

3/24       Mary Levine

3/24       Ben Reison, father of Michael Reison

3/24       Frederick Wolff Solberg, father of Andrew Solberg

3/25       Edward Blumsack

3/25       Celia Hample, grandmother of Heidi Hample

3/25       Ida Suied, mother of Roberta Suied-Bugielski

3/26       Ida Okman

3/26       Aaron Rosenthal

3/26       Pearl A. Titelbaum

3/27       Selma Gordon Levinsky, mother of Lois Levinsky

3/27       Isaiah Mabel

3/27       Rabbi Yechiel Herman Mantel, grandfather of Penny Schwartz

3/28       Florence Blumsack Kotell, mother of Elaine Kotell Binder, Joann Kotell Brennan, and Ida Kotell Colchamiro

3/28       Frank Niedergang, grandfather of Mark Niedergang


On Shabbat, March 29, 2025  

3/29       Gussie Kaminsky

3/29       Anna Noble

3/29       Shirley Sarah Russman

3/29       Eva Thurman

3/30       Sanford Ragovin, father of Helene Ragovin James

3/30       Rabbi Israel Rosenberg

3/30       Marshall Sloane, husband of Barbara Sloane, father of Jonathan Sloane, Barry Sloane, and Linda Kay

3/31       David Pearl, father of Sydelle Pearl

3/31       Anna Smith, mother of Lillian Vogel, grandmother of Sima Kirsztajn

3/31       Margit Friedman Weiss, great aunt of Penny Schwartz

4/1         Fannie Rosenthal Cahill

4/2         Florence Feldt, mother of Candice Feldt

4/2         Bessie Ferber

4/2         Eva Herman

4/3         Nathalie Barron Eckman

4/3         Lillian Gordon, mother of James Gordon

4/3         Nora Wolfe, mother of Howard Wolfe

4/4         Leon Shirley Eckman


On Shabbat, April 5, 2025        

4/7         Goldie Braverman

4/10       Harris Gordon

4/11       Robert Weinberg, brother of Penina Weinberg


Mon, June 17 2024 11 Sivan 5784